Ah, the Vernal Equinox!

Doesn’t quite have the same ring as ‘Ah, Spring’, does it?  But that is what it is. The Vernal Equinox actually means something besides the change of seasons.  For those literal minded types, vernal denotes ‘spring’ and equinox mean ‘equal night’.  So, at least here in the northern hemisphere the length of the day is the same as the night.  And tomorrow, the day grows past the night. So longer days and warming temperatures. We know it will snow on and off through May but for right now, it’s spring.

For the rest of us in and around Lake Tahoe, this time means get out the heavy sunscreen ‘cuz it’s spring skiing time.  Several other signs in South Lake Tahoe herald the first day of spring, besides the date.

The daffodil bulbs shoots grow by about 4 inches.  Didn’t see them yesterday, but they’re  up today.  They should be blooming by tomorrow. . .

The glacier in the front yard moves north by about a foot.

Road repair.  Not the full resurfacing hold up all the traffic type of road repair but the smaller, move over a lane to fill in the cracks and crevices so you don’t break your car type of road repair. This type of repair also includes painting the lane lines back in so you know where to drive.

Officially, it really is the first day of spring skiing.  The days may be getting warmer but there is certainly no shortage of snow up on top of the Heavenly Valley Ski Resort.  Even the trees still have snow on them.  Down at the lake, it’s high 40’s.  Up on top it’s in the 30’s.  A perfect day for a perfect day of spring skiing. Take the sunscreen, sunglasses and light jacket.

And if you don’t want to ski, the bike trails that run through the city of South Lake Tahoe are open.  There are ice skating rinks at the rec center in the midtown or downtown in the Heavenly Village. There are lots of activities in South Lake Tahoe, no matter where your interest lies.



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