American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament and Charles Barkley

Hey!  It’s time for the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament again, held at the prestigious Edgewood Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe.  Now in its 23rd year, the Celebrity Golf Tournament brings entertainment and people to the community.  Celebrity Golf is a great event for Tahoe.   As a local, our biggest clue that we’re close to the event is the  sound of corporate jets arriving.  The Lake Tahoe basin creates a natural echo chamber, so when those celebrity jets into the South Lake Tahoe airport it’s really hard to miss.

The Golf Tournament brings in more and more people every year.  In addition to the celebrities, hundreds of volunteers and thousands (literally) of spectators arrive. People are scheduling their vacations around this, volunteering to work, and just generally enjoying the event.  And why not?  The setting at the Edgewood Golf Course is simply beautiful and the celebrities are obviously having a great time.  They are gracious to the fans that follow them and good natured when playing.  It’s an opportunity to see a diverse group of people like Charles Barkley, Jerry Rice, Ray Romano, Kevin Nealon ,Bill Engvall, Rick Rhoden (who’s won the tournament several times), Jack Wagner, and company in one setting.  And that’s one, big beautiful setting that’s hard to match.

We enjoy seeing Charles Barkley.  He’s fun to watch, really you got to see the swing, but mostly, he’s good to our community.  He’s contributed to the Angora Fire Fund, Bread and Broth, Boys and Girls Club, and several other nonprofits in town.  South Lake Tahoe will always appreciate Charles Barkley’s generosity.  If we haven’t thanked him publicly before, we’d like to do it now.  Thank you Sir Charles! You are a good man.

Going back to the golf tournament, it starts on Tuesday, July 16 with practice plays with tickets costing $15 each. The real competition starts on Friday, July 19 until Sunday, July 21. Tickets for Friday through Sunday are $25 or you can buy a pass for $60 which is good for all days, Tuesday – Sunday.  For more information, go to

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