Amgen Tour of California Returns to South Lake Tahoe

On May 18, 2018 both the men’s and women’s races come to South Lake Tahoe.  Featuring 96 women and 125 men, the Amgen Tour of California Professional Road Bike race has included Lake Tahoe in the last few years and we’re always happy that they do.

For the women, it’s Stage 2 of their race.  Starting at Heavenly Mountain Resort at 11 am, the race travels out of the Tahoe Basin, over Luther Pass, down into Carson Valley, and back up Kingsbury Grade to end back at the Heavenly Mountain Resort.  A total loop of 69 miles that will take slightly over 3 hours to complete, ending at approximately 11:18 am.  There will be lots of spots to view the peloton, mostly along Pioneer Trail.

The men have a longer run of 122 miles that begins in Folsom.  Their  Stage 6 race follows Emigrant Pass to Carson Pass, down to Hope Valley.  There they also descend into Carson Valley and up Kingsbury Grade to finish at the Heavenly Mountain Resort.   Their race ends at approximately 3:21.  The best viewing for the men’s race is either in Hope Valley at Pickett’s Junction or up along Kingsbury.

It’s always fun to watch the peloton blow through.  Literally.  They are so fast.  The lead group of traffic enforcement and support teams that follow the peloton take a long time to go through.  The peloton, less than 30 seconds.  Until the leaders start to break away, the peloton is one large organism that eats up the road.  It’s hard to imagine the amount of focus, not to mention the physicality, it takes to compete in one of these races.

The event brings a lot of people to a community.  There are the teams, their support teams, sponsors, the media and road bike race enthusiasts.  It’s the type of positive event that communities want and we’re always glad to host it.  If you get a chance, you should take time out of your day and come watch.  If you can’t get to watch the road event, the activities with starts and finishes throughout the day, will be at the Heavenly Mountain Lodge.

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