Amgen Tour de California Comes to Tahoe!!

The 2011 Amgen Tour of California is coming to Lake Tahoe and we are really excited.  The race dates are May 15-22, with the official Stage One start on Sunday, May 15th. The race starts in South Lake Tahoe, on the California/Nevada border in front of Montbleu Resort and Casino.  The peloton (or field of racers) will circle around Lake Tahoe in a clockwise direction one and a half times, ending up at Northstar-at-Tahoe.  The beginning of stage two will be at Squaw Valley USA and end in Sacramento. 

Starting the race at 6,300 elevation is the highest start in the history of the Amgen.  Crossing the state line from California to Nevada is also a first, as the tour has always been contained with the state of California. 

But there is quite the community buildup for this event.  As Lake Tahoe is one of the recreational centers of the world, we are very excited to host such an event.   Everyone should see this!

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