It’s here navigate to these guys. Summer. Out of the blue.

So we kinda had spring over winter and into early spring, then we had a rainy season called May, and now, within about 36 hours we have summer. Bahm.  It’s great, but it’s also a surprise.  No one was prepared to go from 63 degrees to 84.  But here it is, quick, fast, hurry, get out the flipflops.

The rain helped to set the stage.  All things growing, or not, are now really tall.  The wildflowers were non-existent but are popping up all over.  The carpet lupine is fluorescent purple.  You most definitely have to wear shades when walking or driving through the woods.  And the waterfalls actually have water in them, very reminiscent of normal times of year.

We’re all very grateful that the rain put off the fire season that we know is coming soon.  After four years of drought, we’re all a little anxious about that.

We’re also grateful that summer is here and we can enjoy it.  There’s no better place to enjoy summer than in Tahoe.