Celebrity Golf . . . .

Officially known as the American Century Championship, celebrity golf week (known to the locals) is about ready to start.  The first sign is the sound of corporate jets flying in.  This started on Sunday.  The Tahoe basin is small enough that when jets fly, it really reverberates throughout. 

The second sign is a line of SUV limos’, with darkened windows, that go through town from the airport to the casinos.

Although the locals enjoy this event, we like seeing shots of Tahoe on TV, the people who really get into it are the second home owners.  Many of them come up to volunteer for the event.  I mean, why not?  They don’t have to pay for lodging and they get to rub elbows with the likes of Mike Jordan, Charles Barkley, Ray Romano, Tony Romo, Bode Miller, and Jason Kidd.

It should be a great event at a beautiful golf course in a beautiful time of year.  Tickets can be purchased at tahoecelebritygolf.com or daily at the front gate.

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