Lake Tahoe Lodging Company has always been acutely aware of the need to practice good environmental policies. After all, we live in one the most beautiful, and ecologically sensitive, places in the world.

Several years ago, we started researching the need to use recycled paper products and cleaning products that would be environmentally friendly. As a result, Ecossential Elements for soaps and lotions, Simple Green, and Earthfirst paper products have made their way into our vacation rentals and housekeeping supplies.

We also encouraged our homeowners to participate in the BMP (Best Management Practices) required by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. The biggest threat to the clarity of the lake are loose soils, unpaved driveways, and unstable slopes. The fine sediments from these situations enter into the surface waters and make their way into the lake, reducing the clarity. BMPs are a series of systems that help prevent runoff from leaving the property, infiltrating naturally into the ground.

As part of the Vail Resorts family, our efforts are part of a bigger plan which in turn have a bigger impact. For more information visit our corporate website.

Lake Tahoe Lodging Company continues to look for ways to reduce waste, without reducing quality and comfort. It is pretty easy being green, it just takes thought and action.

Join us in our efforts. We’ve been entrusted with this big beautiful place and if we don’t take care of it, we deny our children the opportunity to enjoy the same experience.