Fall Colors

There is a definite shift that happens this time of year and it is reflected everywhere. If I only had one word to describe the shift, I think it would be soft. Soft light, soft breeze, soft temperature, soft color, every thing dials down a bit.  It’s all a clear sign of fall and one of locals’ favorite seasons in Tahoe.  The weather is terrific, the crowds are small, and the prices are cheaper.

The aspen trees turn various shades of color ranging from soft gold to orange to bright red.  The dogwoods, maples, willows become bright spots against the dark green background of the pines. It’s a stunning display and a delight to the eye.

Fallen Leaf Lake puts on a exquisite show.  You can go to the trailhead, walk up to the dam and get the double whammy; the aspens and their reflection in the lake.

Hope Valley is always a favorite.  The valley is vast and the colors go on for miles.  Be sure to pick up lunch (and don’t forget the pie) from Hope Valley Resort.

Or take the bike trail all the way to the end by Spring Creek and ride through the massive aspen forest. It’s a easy cruise which is a good thing as you’ll be watching the colors more than the trail.

You can go to the beach, sail the boat, take a bike ride, or take a long walk in the woods and watch the colors change.  It’s up to you.  But to do any one of these, you have to be here.  So come on up and hang out.


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