Fall’s Best

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but fall is one of the best seasons in Tahoe.  There are several reasons; the crowds are gone, the weather is still nice, the food and wine festivals start up including the ‘brats and beer’ fests, but the BEST reason for the season is the color.

Winter, most things are white.  Spring, obviously a mixed bag and can’t quite make up its mind.  Summer, most things are green.  Various shades of green to be sure, pine green, aspen green, willow green, but still, green.

But Fall likes to shout color. Gold, red, rust, bronze against all the green firs, cedars and pines.  The color likes to grab your attention and is highly distracting if driving.  It’s a fascinating subject to consider people actually get in their cars, boats, and planes to go  long, or short, distances just to look at color.  Nature’s annual extravaganza.  For free (gas excepted).

So where to go in Tahoe for this visual exhibit?

In South Lake Tahoe proper, a quick walk up the trail to the dam at Fallen Leaf Lake will bring you to acres of aspens, viewed from the dam.  At the right time of day, it can be a double whammy with the aspens across the lake are reflected in the lake.

Or walk up the trail on the far side of Taylor Creek through the aspen grove. Or along the bike trail to Spring Creek.

Hope Valley is a longtime favorite.  Take Highway 89 South to 88 and head right towards Kirkwood.  Or head left towards Markleeville along the Carson River.  Stop at Sorenson’s or the Hope Valley Cafe for a quick bite.  By the way, if you go to the Hope Valley Cafe, make sure you get your pie orders in for Thanksgiving.  Another wonderful thing about fall but also another post.

But wherever you are, let nature know that you appreciate this exhibition of color.  Get out, go, and see.  It won’t come around again for another year.