Lake Tahoe is a unique national treasure with a beautiful environment that is indeed memorable and world renown.
The beautiful surroundings invite residents and visitors alike to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities year round.
We welcome you to Lake Tahoe and we hope you enjoy your time in this community.
Renting a vacation home gives you an opportunity to “live like a local.” A vacation home provides the peace and quiet that permanent residents get to enjoy. We hope that you too will embrace this special sense of being close to nature while residing in a community. In order for your stay to be successful and without incident, we want to inform you of the Vacation Home Rental Policies set by local authorities and the Lake Tahoe Lodging Company.

You must be 24 years old to rent a vacation rental from the Lake Tahoe Lodging Company

Noise: Please do not play loud music or create any noise that can be heard at the property line, or engage in disorderly conduct. consider how you would want visitors to act in your neighborhood at home. Please be aware. If any law enforcement officer should come to the house due to a noise complaint, there is an automatic $1000 fine.
Quiet Time: Quiet time is between 10 pm and 8 am. As most of your neighbors are not on vacation and because voices carry farther in high altitude air, please take care that while in the hot tub or backyard, your laughter and conversations can’t be heard past the property line.

Use of hot tubs between 10 pm and 8 am is strictly prohibited.

Parking: It is important that you part in the designated parking areas as permitted for your rental. Never at any time block another’s driveway, nor park in front of another’s house. If the house is advertised as having 2 parking spaces, you can only bring two cars.
Snow Conditions: Street parking is not allowed during snow conditions. Snow conditions run between November 1 – April 15 of every year. If you leave your car on the street during snow removal, you can be cited or your car towed.
Garbage: Bears and other wildlife are attracted to garbage, so you must be careful. Do not leave trash in your car. Do not leave trash outside unless it is in a bear proof container.
Pets: If your rental property is pet friendly, you must keep your dog on a lease whenever outside. This is coyote country, so a leash is the best way to protect your sweet dog.