Glaciers in Tahoe

Glaciers are alive and well in Tahoe.  A smaller version of alpine glaciers, they can be found next to most driveways.  The glaciers advance and retreat like the Perito Moreno in Patagonia or the Aletsch in Switzerland. 

Ok, these aren’t actual glaciers.  And these are just seasonal, not permanent, but the formation is similar.  The snow is thrown on top of other snow due to removal from the driveway,  it compacts and forms snow ice .  With each storm, more and more snow is added to the top and furthers the compaction.  But they’re fun to watch.  It’s like looking at an outdoor climate chamber.

Those who live in town have lost their glaciers, those of us who live at a higher elevation than lake level still get to experience the ebb and flow.   Due to last nights storm, the glaciers are currently flowing.  It will continue like this for a while, until the sun gets higher in the sky, the earth gets warmer, and spring takes over.

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