Godzilla Took a Rain Check

The Godzilla of all El Ninos, does this sound familiar?  We were so hopeful, there was so much discussion on the news and the weather channel, the conversation was at the top of the chat lists.

You would think all the energy that went into this topic would help to build a Godzilla type of a winter but Godzilla took a rain check.  Instead, we had a nice, average winter.  Much better than the past two years but still an average year. Still, for being an average winter, it was great.  The skiing was great and the season is still going.  It has been a nice change.

El Nino in the south came through, causing wet weather, massive flooding, and tornadoes earlier than normal.

Having missed El Nino, the conversation has turned to next year for El Nina. El Nina is the cold phase, the episodes are below average sea surface temperatures across the east-central Equatorial Pacific.  The result is that the temperatures are warmer than normal in the southeast and cooler than normal in the northwest why not find out more.

Does this mean we will have a better than average winter next year?  No clue.  Stay tuned.