Hot Showers

First off, it is hot, hot, hot!   While heat can be relative, for us in Tahoe, it’s a heat wave!  We just had someone from Austin, Texas check in to their vacation rental and for them, it’s spring. Fortunately, this is the mountains and life does cool down when the sun goes down.

But late afternoons are lovely, the time to have a picnic dinner by the lake, sit on the deck with a glass of wine, feel the breeze in the trees, and hopefully on your face.

But after the sun goes down,  it will still be warm enough to be outside. And you should definitely go outside late Saturday night through Sunday morning because it is time for the Perseid Meteor Showers!  In the mountains, any competing light sources are at a minimum and it will be dark enough to watch as the meteors streak through the sky.  The west coast is listed as one of the places for best viewing, so watching them from Lake Tahoe should be front row seating.

The Perseid meteor showers occur every summer between July 17 – August 24.  This year, 2017, they are expected to peak between August 9 – 13.  Of course, in order to really view them the sky needs to be really dark, so viewing should be good from midnight to about 4 am.  Some of this is dependent on where the moon is during the viewing nights.  This year, a Wanning Gibbous Moon is may impact visibility. A Wanning Gibbous Moon is the visible illuminated half of the moon which is decreasing.  It may still be bright.  With a little planning, you should be able to work around the moon.

One should see the Perseid meteor showers at least once in a lifetime.  Seeing movement, fast movement, in the sky helps to define just how big space is and how small we are.  It helps to put things in perspective.

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