We’re all hyper-vigilant right now for a couple of reasons.

The first one of course, is the fire danger.  The Washington Fire in Markleeville  is now mostly contained.  It was caused by a lightening strike that smoldered for several days deep in the woods so nobody saw it.  Then the wind came up and whipped it into 18,000 acres of destruction.  There were a few smoke inhalation incidents, no human lives were lost, but who knows the level of harm caused to the wildlife who used to live in the area.

And now we’re at the 4th of July, where the largest form of celebration are fireworks.  Great.  I don’t want to sound unpatriotic but please refrain from using those on a personal level this year.  Lake Tahoe has several firework displays around the lake, the biggest being in South Lake Tahoe.  These are heavily regulated for safety so we’re not too concerned about those. They are always fun to watch and more spectacular than most shows. Go, see, enjoy.  Don’t forget to take a flashlight.  Show starts at 9:45 pm.

Private use of fireworks are prohibited throughout the Tahoe Basin.  There are signs along Pioneer Trail saying this.  We have given out flyers to all of our guests stating there was zero tolerance for fireworks.  We will actually evict guests if the sheriff catches you.  And trust me, the local neighbors will let everyone know. But there are always one or two visitors who think they can sneak one in.  Please don’t do it.  Please be respectful, not just of your neighbor but of the community and the lake.  A fire would be devastating.

Another area where everyone is hyper-vigilant is regarding vacation rentals.  The vast majority of vacation renters just want to enjoy the mountain lifestyle.  There are a small group who create problems with noise, over-occupancy in people and cars, and general disrespect for everyone around them.  It seems to be the same properties over and over that have the problems, those with absent managers.  As a result, some neighbors in the city have become VERY vocal in their unhappiness about vacation rentals in their neighborhood.  There have been public hearings at the city council, recommendations, meetings, and the like.  From the vacation managers point of view, the regulations are there, just enforce them.

Law enforcement is making their presence known this weekend, both for firework violations and vacation rental violations.  The police, county sheriffs and highway patrol are out cruising, and they are more than happy to let us know if there are any problems.

Our request to you is, enjoy your stay. We know you can do that and still be respectful of the lake, the community and the neighborhood.  Stay save and sane.

Happy 4th of July.