Lake Tahoe Lodging Company

What’s in a name?  No, this is not a riff on Shakespeare’s ‘A rose is a rose is a rose’, although if you think about it, a rose actually IS a rose.  But a name is a word and words define and describe the object they are named for.

For over 30 years, there has been the Accommodation Station in South Lake Tahoe.  A cute little name providing a visual image of a train station, implying travel and lodging. ( A little trivia, it was created after a couple of pitchers of margaritas.)  Accommodations mean ‘a room, or group of rooms, or building in which someone may stay or live.’  Synonyms include housing, lodging, living quarters, rooms, etc. That’s pretty descriptive of what we have been about, providing lodging for short term (vacation), seasonal and long term rentals.  The problem was that accommodation is more of a European word, not really used in the U.S. And it’s an old-fashioned name. As it’s not used very often, people had a hard time spelling it.  “Is that one c or two, one m or two?”  And train station?  There isn’t one in South Lake Tahoe.  The name also did not say where we were located. We could have been in New York or Lubbock. In case you’re curious, there is an Accommodation Station in Daylesford, Australia.

So three years ago, when the Accommodation Station was adopted by Vail Resorts, the original Accommodation Station, Inc. was unincorporated and we became the ‘Lake Tahoe Lodging Company doing business as the Accommodation Station.’  We got to the point where we really liked ‘the Lake Tahoe Lodging Company’.  It’s so definitive.  It’s a company that does lodging in Lake Tahoe.  How easy is that?  After kicking it around for a bit, (about a year), we said let’s drop the dba and just become the Lake Tahoe Lodging Company.  The name just kinda rolls of the tongue.  So on November 25, 2013 we made it official and here we are. Still the same location, the same staff, the same properties, although our numbers in both are growing. We still provide accommodations and are still very accommodating, but when you call us or look at our website, there is absolutely no confusion about what we are or do.

The Lake Tahoe Lodging Company.  Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?