Lake Tahoe Slow Rollers

Whoo hoo!  It’s time for the Lake Tahoe Slow Rollers Parade.  A combination of Mardi Gras hits the Bike Coalition, the Lake Tahoe Slow Rollers Parade started two years ago in an attempt to 1) build community spirit and 2) get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest bicycle parade.  We nearly made it last year, this year there will be better record keeping.

But whether or not we make it into the book, the parade definitely hits the target for building community spirit.  This is one of those events where the community gets involved.  It’s like the old days, when a big storm would hit and businesses would close so skiers could be first on the slopes.  While the Accommodation Station doesn’t close, many other small businesses do, like our plumbers.  We will answer the phone during the parade, but if you need a plumber or an electrician, you may have to wait.

The parade starts at the ‘Y’ on Thursday May 16 at 4 pm, at South Shore Bikes and moves its way to Al Tahoe. The cyclists are accompanied by the South Lake Tahoe Police.  They use the entire right hand lane and they go slow.  Kids of all sizes and ages, parents, adults, everyone in every type of costume cruise along.  And as the Accommodation Station is right on the road, we are right on the route and we get to see just about everyone we know.

So if you want to participate, show up at South Shore Bikes.  And we’ll see you along the ride.

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