Let’s Hear It For Female Power!

I am referring to ‘La Nina’.  Remember El Nino from last year?  The climate pattern that was supposed to be the ‘Godzilla’ of El Nino’s and end the California drought?  While El Nino brought a nice winter the Lake Tahoe, it was still just kind of an average winter.  Nothing Godzilla about it.

But La Nina!  She is the counterpart to El Nino and obviously a completely different story.  It was La Nina who came in soft last November.  So soft that the Weather Channel stated she was weak and may not have as strong of an impact as a typical La Nina.  HA HA HA.

It is La Nina who sweet-talked the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge (so named by Daniel Swain of the California Weather Blog) into moving off the far northwest coast of the country, hopefully to somewhere with a locked door.  The RRR  had been blocking the storm track, shifting everything northward and causing our drought for the past four years.

It is La Nina who has brought in storm after storm for the past 6 weeks, gifting us  with anywhere from 173% – 191% of our annual snow pack.  She has single handedly dropped the severe drought rate in the state of California from 43% to 2%. So much for being little and soft.  If we knew where to send flowers to thank her, we would.  She is taking a bit of a time out right now, a good thing as we need to decide where to put all that snow, but she starts up again next week.

So on behalf of the farmers, the lake, the salmon, the dry forests, the reservoirs, the people in the central valley whose wells had run dry, thank you La Nina. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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