Lights on the Lake

The fireworks show on the 4th of July is one of South Lake Tahoe’s big events.  And rightfully so, it is huge, well done, and fun.  The Today show stated our fireworks were one of the best in the west.  The display starts late, around 9:45, because it has to be dark to view.  The fireworks are worth staying up and hanging out for.

One of the main questions we get asked this time of year is “Where is the best place to watch the fireworks?”  The answers to this question is especially important after one of our guests said she looked all over the internet to see if South Lake Tahoe even had fireworks.  Something must be amiss.

The fireworks are set off on a barge just off the Stateline.  So. . . anything close to Stateline would seem to be a good choice

A few recommendations.

1.  Lakeside Beach and Marina.  If you’re a member, it’s free. If you’re not, there’s a charge.  But you are right there.

2.  Nevada Beach.  It’s a great beach and as stated in its name, on the Nevada side of the south shore.  Wide and long with lots of room to spread out.

3.  El Dorado Beach. On the California side, located about mid-town.  Since the city installed a rock amphitheater in addition to the beach, there should be room.  But it fills up fast.

4.  Reagan Beach.  Just down the street from El Dorado Beach in mid-town.  Not as big of a beach but lots of lawn area.

5.  Heavenly Mountain.  This is a walking exercise but it’s a great view.  If you are clever, you can get a great view of our fireworks and also see the fireworks from Tahoe City in the background.

6.  In a boat.  Of course, you have to have a boat or know someone who has a boat.  It’s a great show, sitting under the fireworks.  But it’s also a bit crazy when they are finished as all the boats take off in different directions and it’s dark.  Sooooo, if you’re going to do this, take it easy coming back in.

7.  Cove East.  Next to the Tahoe Keys Marina, it’s a mile walk out to the lake but it’s a nice place to be.

8.  Pope, Baldwin or Ski Beach.  Located on the west side of the south shore, these are a fair distance from the fireworks so the view is smaller.  The upside is the lack of crowds.

9.  In a kayak, different type of water vehicle but allows you to maneuver around into a safer place away from the crowds.  But stay on the edge of the lake away from power boats.  They can’t see you.

There are a few other places to watch the lake, but you have to really know the lake to find them.  Where ever you go to watch the fireworks, the show starts at 9:45 pm.  KRLT, local radio station, puts together a synchronized music score to match the fireworks.  So, get your patriotism going and get out there among them!

For more information regarding Lights on the Lake, our fireworks display, visit the South Tahoe Visitors Authority