Miracle March Redux, almost

If a miracle happens twice, is it still a miracle?  Or does the fact that it did happen twice make it a miracle?  Hmmm, something to ponder.  The original Miracle March occurred in 1991, ending along drought of several years.

In any case, with this incredibly dry winter, locals have been chatting up the idea of a ‘Miracle March’ happening.  A lot of hope has been riding on that idea.  Even my neighbor, Glenn (I’ll give him credit here), said at the beginning of the month, ‘Hey, we only need 8 feet and it could happen.’   Two weeks later and Poof, we have 8 feet, if not more.  However, realistically we need a bit more.

At the beginning of March, the snow/water content, measured by the California State Water Resources, was 14%.  (That’s scary).  After the first storm which dumped 4 feet of snow at mid-level (somewhere between lake and 7,000), the snow/water content went up to 44%.  (That’s so much better).  It will be interesting to see what it goes up to after this storm, which just unloaded another 4 feet at mid-level.  If you add the same amount from the first storm, 30%, to the 44%,  we get to 74%.  That’s still under the bar.

The forecast for the rest of the month is predicting more storms of both rain (not good) and snow (good).  It’s not looking like those storms will be a big of snow pack producers as the last two, but one never knows.  And who knows what April is going to produce.  We might just make it to a normal year.  As my neighbor says, ‘Hey, it could happen.’