Signs of life.

Tulips in snow      The battle has begun.  The battle between winter going out and spring coming in.  Tahoe has its own version of spring showers, instead of rain though, we get snow.  Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.  Sometimes it snows all day, kinda like now, but nothing sticks.  Despite the snow, spring inserts its will.  Every little inch that the snow cover gives up, little signs of life take over.  The tulips and daffodils blades are emerging, the days are longer, and the birds are happy, happy, happy.  It’s slightly above freezing, it may or may not be snowing, and the birds are singing a symphony. Talk about spring fever. They know spring will win this battle and they can’t wait. 

Frankly, neither can we.  It’s April and it’s time for spring to show up and winter to go on vacation.  In addition to tulips, daffodils and singing birds, several other things happen.  Yards get cleaned up from the winter debris, boats lose their blue shrink-wrapped covers, the waters thaw, the ducks and geese come out (they are so cute), willows start to pop color.  Tahoe starts to show signs of life.  Signs of life are important every year but probably more so this year.  With all the natural disasters, the recession, job loss, home loss, wars, we need reminders that spring brings new beginnings. It couldn’t come at a better time.  Signs of life for us all.

Tulips in Snow used with permission from Jean Sherrard.  For more great images and a really interesting blog, please visit

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