Well, it has.  It is officially spring, although it’s difficult to tell from the week before because as far as we’re concerned, it’s been spring since about the mid week of January learn this here now.  It’s such  bizarre weather.

But no matter what the temperature, the sun is coming back up north and the daffodils and tulips are popping out of the ground.  They are about 3 – 5 inches high right now.  A friend reminded me that the minute they start blooming, it will snow at least 6 inches as it has done ever since he has lived here.  He is now 40 and he was born and raised here.  I would love to think that as we desperately need the water, but I have my doubts.

How important is water, or more to the point, snow?  The Sierra snow pack feeds the rest of the state.  And the state, according to the weather channel, is the sole provider of 79 crops for the rest of the country.  If California doesn’t produce these crops, the US has to import them.

We all watch the weather report, hoping and praying for some precipitation.  There’s some coming this week, we had a little last week.  But we need more. Let’s hope and pray we get some.