The gift of snow. . .

Snow. . . It’s a wonderful thing.  .a great gift . . .  In mountain country, we really like our snow.  To be exact, we love our snow.  Snow covers all with a white, clean blanket.  It’s like giving the world a fresh start.  It sparkles in the sun, makes the evening lights glow more, the fire warmer, and everything cozier atorvastatin price. We like all of our seasons, of course.  After all, getting to experience four seasons is part of why we live here.  And each different season makes us appreciate the others.  We’ve had a long, glorious fall, longer than usual.  But we’re ready for the next season.  The ski resorts have revved up the snow making guns, giving a nice foundation for the snow that is to come in the near future. Skis are being waxed, sleighs polished, snowblowers tuned, snowshoes dusted off.  We are getting prepared.  And we’ll be ready when the wonderful, white, fresh snow comes. 

You should get prepared too.  Make those winter reservations before it actually gets here.  Give yourself, and those you love, the gift of snow. 

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