The Road to Tahoe

Starting on Wednesday May 11, Highway 50 will be closed for two weeks.  Not just road control with one way traffic, but completely closed.  The rock walls that line the highway on the east side of Echo Summit  have deteriorated so badly that some sections of the wall are non-existent atorvastatin dose.  And if you are the passenger coming down Echo Summit and all you see is over the cliff, it can be a little unnerving.  I know people who say ‘yahoo!’ when they reach the edge and come down the grade, and others who get nauseous. 

It’s been several decades since the safety walls have been replaced and it’s high time.  The fastest way to repair them is to close the road completely.  Otherwise, it will take all summer to fix it with way too many interruptions.  The replacement walls will be made of concrete, as opposed to rock, but they will be formed like a rock wall.  The results look pretty good.  It’s nice to know that CalTrans is thinking about the aesthetics as well as the safety of the road.

So how to get to Tahoe?  If you’re coming from the Bay area or Sacramento, the best way is to take Highway 12 or 49 south to Highway 88 to Pickett’s Junction. Then take Highway 89 to Highway 50.  Make the right on Highway 50 and cruise into town. 

And cruise is the operable word.  This route adds a few miles to your journey(ok, about 35 miles), but it adds lots of interest.  This is prime scenic country!  You will be driving through lots of farm land with fruit and vegie stands galore, wineries, antique stores, and a couple of lakes.  You can stop by the Kirkwood Inn and have one of their famous hamburgers.  Make it a mini road trip instead of a blast to Tahoe.  Enjoy the journey!

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