The holidays are a time of tradition for most people.  There is the tradition of marathon shopping for gifts; baking; decorating your house; get-togethers with family and friends; eating.

At the office we also have traditions.  Decorating the heck out of the office is big one.  We are known for our decorations at the holidays, not just Christmas but Halloween, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and the Olympics.  It’s been going on a couple of decades, we actually get complaints if we don’t decorate!

snowy island          snowyoffice

And of course, we don’t just decorate on the outside, the inside gets a little crazy as well.


Needless to say, some of us are more into decorations than others.  While some are decorating every single surface, others are following behind trying to pick up and create a little space  (we won’t mention any names).

Denise has the tradition of making pumpkin bread.  I don’t know where she finds her elves from but she goes home one night and comes back the next morning with dozens of mini-loaves completely wrapped with bows and tags.

See’s candy is a big tradition and we appreciate everyone who gives us some!

The community of South Lake Tahoe has holiday traditions.  The Chamber encourages people to put lights on their businesses along Lake Tahoe Boulevard.  There is the traditional community choir concert, the NutCracker Ballet, Handel’s Messiah Concert with a Hallelujah chorus sing-a-long.

The Santa Fire Truck hits the road, courtesy of both the city of South Lake Tahoe and Lake Valley Fire Departments.  Cruising through the neighborhoods, stopping for all the kids (and their parents), and providing an early Santa sighting is a great treat for kids and adults.

Homemade ice skating rinks are established with spontaneous ice hockey games break out in the Tahoe Keys and on Sawmill Pond, two of the few local bodies of water that actually freeze during the winter.  Don’t try this on your own, knowing when the ice is ready is a practice that takes some knowledge and experience.

And of course, the town is loaded with visitors.  Coming to Tahoe for the holidays is a tradition with thousands of people, coming for the snow, the skiing, the snowboarding, and the ambiance that only the holidays in the mountains can provide.

Whatever your tradition is, drive safe and stay safe.  Enjoy the holidays!

We wish you Happy Holidays and the very best for 2017!