Vail Acquires Kirkwood Ski Resort

Well.  We now have a new addition to the Vail Resorts Inc. family and the folks here couldn’t be happier.  The Kirkwood Ski Resort has now become part of the great mix of ski resorts that make up Vail Resorts.

Kirkwood is an absolutely great mountain, favored by many locals.  But it needed some help.  It was getting a little worn and tired. And now with Vail on board, it should get that help you can try this out.

I know some are worried that Kirkwood will lose its earthy charm by being purchased by Vail.  That has not been our experience.  The operations will still be run by locals.  Some things will get a little tightened up. But most of the changes take place where the guests don’t see them, like how accounting and ordering supplies happen.  Other things will show up for the guests, like better product.  As for the employees, it will be better benefits and more opportunities.

And best of all, the locals will now be able to purchase a pass that will cover three of the best resorts in Tahoe, Northstar, Heavenly, and now Kirkwood.  What could be better than that?

If you buy a Tahoe Local’s Pass for all three resorts, you might want to look at getting a seasonal ski lease.  This will allow you to come up, ski any one of the resorts, and then rest up without the long drive home.  It’s a thought.  Talk to your friends.

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