Waterways in Tahoe

For a new view of Lake Tahoe, nothing is better than getting on the water.  It will change your perspective, of the lake, your life, and anything else that is running through your head. 

 The easiest way to get on the lake is to kayak.  Either bring your own or rent one.  Kayak rentals are available all around the lake from many different companies in many different locations.  With the sea kayak, paddling is almost effortless and any one can do it.  

On Saturday, September 6, 2008, the Fall paddlefest 2008 will be held at El Dorado Beach from 8:30 am – 2 pm, hosted by the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Committee.  There will be safety and paddle demonstrations, lunch, new boat demos and beach activities.  And of course, kayaking.

 The entry fee is $25 for adults and $15 for those under 18 includes lunch.  Advance registration is required by September 1. For more information, call 530.543.3001 or visit www.laketahoewatertrail.org.

Kayaking allows you to see areas of Tahoe where most of the public don’t or can’t get to.  It’s better to stay closer to shore, the farther out into the main body of the lake, the more choppy and cold the water gets.

 You can rent the equipment and rent a guide, or rent the equipment, take a class, go on your own, or bring your own and put in where you like. Make sure you have a life jacket. 

Want something a bit more speedy?  Rent a boat, either sail or speed.  These are also available for rent from the many marinas around the lake, south, west, and north shore. 

Or rent a jet ski. It’s great way to get cool, and experience the lake in a very close, not to mention wet, personal way. It’s also a lot of fun and easy to learn.  The biggest issue with jet skis is safety.  One can get caught up in fun of it and not pay attention to other water craft in the area.  So rent one and be smart and safe.

Want a great view, be on the water and get a slight thrill?  Go parasailing! The Ski Run Boat Company and the Tahoe Keys Boat Rentals both offer parasailing.

As with any of the water crafts, one must be responsible. That means being aware of where you are in relationship to other water craft, wearing a life vest, and being sober.  So pay attention, be responsible and enjoy the many types of water activities


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