White Noise

White Noise.  No, not the movie.  The type of noise that refers to the random signal with a flat power spectral density. As a normal person you probably know it as the background noise that masks other sounds.  Many people use white noise in order to sleep. If you want the real technical definition, you can check wikipedia.  In that very lengthy description, I found the recent study that finds that white noise improves the cognitive functioning of students with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) most interesting.  It makes me think of the office staff. . .

In any case, the white noise I’m referring to is the type that comes with spring runoff.  In the mountains, any mountain in general, but Lake Tahoe in particular, in the spring, we have runoff.  The melting snow hits the creeks and rivers and finds its way to the lake. There are babbling brooks, high water rapids in the rivers, little waterfalls, springs, water everywhere.

In addition, in the spring, the nighttime temperature is warm enough to open the windows.  In Meyers and Tahoe Paradise, at night when it’s quiet, when all the car traffic has died down, one can hear the dull roar of the waterfalls. That’s our white noise.  The sound reverberates throughout the Tahoe Valley.  This year with the snow pack, the waterfalls will last another couple of weeks.  Two years ago with the snow pack, they lasted well into July.

There are two major falls.  One comes down around the Lincoln profile and runs into Coyote Creek.  This one is not really seen, rather it is heard. There are too many trees and boulders in the way. The second is more massive and impressive.  It comes downs from Echo Lake and falls 900 feet to run into the Truckee River.  It can be seen from Highway 50 if you are headed toward Echo Summit.  Once you start climbing up the summit, it disappears from view.

But it’s a cool event that only happens in the spring in all mountain communities atorvastatin 80 mg.  Lucky us mountains dwellers who get to experience it.

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