Changing seasons

One of the best things about Tahoe is the changing seasons.  And people come here for the seasons. The most popular are winter and summer, but people are really missing out when they skip the other two. Especially fall.

Fall is most glorious in Tahoe.  And it is one of the locals favorite seasons.  The reason?  The lack of crowds. . . No offence. We like visitors, but sometimes we need to miss you.  Like any relationship, it grows stronger with an occasional separation.

But fall . . . the days are warm, the nights are cool, the hiking and biking trails, restaurants, casinos, shows, whatever, are less crowded.  But the best are the colors.  The colors range from red, to orange, to gold, and sometimes purple.  Pack a lunch, you can pick one up from The Cork n More, the Beach Hut Deli, Raleys, Safeway, a number of places. Cruise on over to Taylor Creek or Fallen Leaf Lake and take a short hike.  Or if you want to see more, drive out over Luther Pass (also known as Highway 89) to Hope Valley.  If you take a right at the stop sign and head towards Kirkwood, you will pass through Faith and Charity Valleys and a virtually flourescent aspen forest.

So come on up. Visit fall and her color cousins.