Wring. Or is it Sprinter?

Winter has come late to the party.  After one of the driest winters in over 100 years, 1888 they say, we’ve now had several storms bringing several feet of snow in the month of March.  There’s a big storm coming in this weekend that’s supposed to bring a couple of feet.  Better late than never.   

All of this has been very confusing to the plants and the critters.  The tulips and the daffodils stems are starting to come up, buds are breaking out, and the robins are looking for worms.  The bears are coming in and out of hybernation.

Spring will come along sooner or later.  At this time of year, no matter how much snow we get, it won’t last for months or even weeks.  It will last just long enough to get a few more runs in, a good thing as spring skiing is the best.

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